Dementia is an insidious disease. It can rob a person of their memories, their personality and their dignity. Dementia comes in different stages that reflect exactly how much a person is impaired. Many years ago, the term senile was used to describe a person suffering from memory loss. Today, we understand it as a series disease that comes in many forms.

When most people think of Dementia, they think Alzheimer's. While Alzheimer's is a common form of Dementia, it is not the only form. There are other types of dementia that often get overlooked because they don't get the press related to Alzheimer's.

A new form of business has been created to help people dealing with Dementia. It is called Assisted Living. Unfortunately, there is no major regulation for this industry, so many of the places that claim they deal with Dementia Patients, don't have anyone on staff who is Dementia Certified. Even if they do, they usually only deal with early stage patents who are still able to help themselves, but just need someone there to make sure they don't get hurt.

Really decent resources for late stage dementia patients are hard to find unless you have great insurance or a lot of money in the bank. Late stage patients require round-the-clock care and special training. They must also be in a facility that has safeguards against the patient wandering away, a common symptom of all forms of dementia.

If you or a loved one think you might be dealing with the beginning signs of Dementia, make an appointment for an initial assessment and plan of action.