Stop Smoking!

It's almost never too late to stop smoking. No matter when you quit, your body will begin to heal and reverse at least some of the harmful affects of all those poisons entering your system. The body knows when you have quit a bad habit.Your breathing improves, your taste buds come back, your heart and blood pressure respond and you will begin to feel better.

Yes, for many people, stopping smoking is a tough thing to do. It's addictive both physically and mentally. Your body craves the nicotine and the other chemicals. Your mind craves it too both it the addiction and the mental habit of lighting up, to get your nicotine fix. But keep this in mind, the cravings do eventually go away and you will feel better! You will also add days to your life every time you don't smoke. Also, if you have kids, you are guaranteeing them a healthier environment by not smoking. Your unfiltered second hand smoke harms them more than it harms you. Your smoking subjects them to all sorts of danger.

There is help to stop smoking. Dr. Miller can assist you as his patient to free yourself from this horrible habit. Call and make your appointment today!