Drug Ads

We are all being overwhelmed by two types of Drug Ads. The first are the fantastically long story ads trying to convince the public that they can't live without a certain drug to fix whatever ails them. The scope covers everything from Diabetes to Erectile Dysfunction and all of these pills or pens are being touted as the Miracle Cure. As a doctor, we are taught to use medications to solve issues or at least try to treat the symptoms. Keep in mind, these companies are all FOR PROFIT and their goal is to sell more drugs to you. If you have questions about using one of these drugs, by all means ask questions, but don't think any drug is the ultimate miracle for you just because an ad tells you to take it.

The second type of ad we all see are from attorneys trying to drum up business. Granted, there have been some examples of bad drugs and medical devices that should be in the courts, but some of those ads are just fishing for clients based on a few incidents with a particular drug or medical device.

What should you do if you are taking a drug or using a device you see in one of these ads?

First of all, DON'T FREAK OUT! Check with your doctor and let him or her know your concerns!
Not everyone may have an issue with a particular device or drug. In a lot of cases, you will be just fine. In some cases, your doctor may take you off the drug immediately. Make a phone call and find out.