Obese Kids

One of my patients told me the other day that he was a trend setter. He was a Fat Kid decades before it became the norm. He lived with parents and grandparents who shoved food and sweets at him at every turn. They let him eat far more than he should have and he grew up in a home where punishment came if he didn't "Clean His Plate." Cookies, cakes, breads and pastas were the norm and if he didn't find it at home, it was simple to just go to his friends homes and gorge on their treats.

While he stayed alive, he did not function well. He had trouble climbing stairs. He did not do well at sports and academically he faltered every time something require concentration. He got teased all the time and his life could not be described any way but miserable. That was then.....

Today, far too many kids are obese. What's to blame? All sorts of things. We live in a Fast Food World, Grocery stores carry far more nutrition worthless packaged foods than ever before. Kids have changed too. Their parents don't force them outside to play any more. They spend hours sitting and playing video games or Tweeting to their friends. Their activity level has dropped like a stone and so has their metabolism.

So here's just a few things that you as parents can do:
  1. Get your child a checkup and a base starting point for a change in activity.
  2. Start gradually changing the foods your child eats. Instead of a bag of chips, give them a pear.
  3. Learn to cook fresh. Boxes and cans are full of salt and other chemicals.
  4. Bring the computer and games to the family room and limit the time. 30 minutes max per two hours
  5. When weather is good, throw your kids outside. Give them things to do.
  6. Enroll your kids in activities that require movement. Sports, Dancing, Metal Detecting, Volunteering.
  7. Join them! A bit of activity won't hurt you either! Your kids will follow your example!

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