There is no other way to say it, being Diabetic stinks!

Diabetes alters the way you live, what you should eat and many of the activities you might otherwise be able to do. While both forms of Diabetes are manageable there is no cure.

Type 1 Diabetics take insulin, they watch there diet religiously and they restrict themselves to a very tight routine. They survive by following this regiment of care and routine. Type II Diabetics are created. They have done something in their lives to bring on the Diabetes. It's usually by eating way too much of the wrong foods and by abusing their bodies to a point where the body fights back by creating the diabetic norm. Too many sugars, too many carbs, not enough exercise and a lot of other factors contribute to the Type II Diabetic creation.

There are treatments for Type II Diabetics. Exercise, Pills or Insulin, Diet Changes can all benefit the Type II Diabetic. Essentially, you are reversing all the things that helped put you there in the first place. You are changing all the bad habits that helped create the Diabetic Monster.

If you or a loved one think you might be Diabetic, make an appointment today for an initial Diabetic Screening.