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Coming to the doctor can be a new and sometimes scary experience. We don't want you to be scared.
This page will help you know what you might see and do when you visit.

The first thing that will happen is that one of the nurses who greets you will take you over to the scale and weigh you. All you have to do here is step up on the scale and it does the rest.

You do have to stand very still because the scale will hiccup if you don't and scales don't like the hiccups any more than you do. Plus, scales can't drink water to make the hiccups go away, so remember this while you are standing there.

If you have a small baby brother or sister, they might use this kind of sale to weight them.

Infant Scale
Baby Scale
Kid Scale

Exam Room at Dr. Miller's

This is just one of many exam rooms at our office. There's a table that you can sit on and maybe lie down on if you are feeling really bad. It even has a step to make it easier for you to climb up on it.

There's also a couple of cabinets where we keep different supplies we use.

That computer is used to enter information about you into your Medical Record and there's a chair for your mom or dad to sit in while the nurses and doctor take care of you.

That second chair under the computer is what the doctor uses. It can be rolled around the room as needed. It just has a seat on it and it's funny to watch Dr. Dan, try to keep his balances as he rolls back and forth. He's a really tall guy.

Depending on which room they take you to, you might see different pictures and charts on the wall.

Once you have been settled into one of the rooms, one of the nurses will take your temperature. That may happen on of two ways. The newest and more nifty way is with the Ear Thermometer. The nurse will gently place this in one of your ears and within seconds they will know if you are running a fever.
Ear Thermometer
Ear Thermometer

Sometimes they might use another type of Thermometer that goes under your tongue. It will look something like this.

Mouth Thermometer
Mouth Thermometer

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